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Our Mission is a Healthy Community

  • We are one of the biggest worldwide online distributors of generic drugs.

  • Our mission is to provide the best quality drugs at a popular price,  that will meet the needs of patients.

  • Our professional team will provide you with a safe and secure delivery within an appropriate period of time.

  • Our partners, the manufacturers are approved by the World Health Organization for Good Manufacturing Practice which ensures the quality of drugs we are selling.

  • Since that generic drugs have the same quality as the original drugs and the price is lower, our offers are based on selling the generic drugs which can improve both the physical and material state of our customers.

  • Our experience shows that the user of services due to lack of time is a necessary pharmacy that can access any time and any location.

  • Our company provides an up-to-date and accessible way of medicines, information and comfortable shopping online.

  • We are proud to have a wide range of medicines. You can be sure that everything you need you will find in our online pharmacy.

medivillastore – Strong, Determined and Affordable

medivillastore Pharma was established to deliver impeccable, safe, and prompt service to numerous customers all over the globe, searching for ways to cut on regular healthcare expenses. Daily, we have to dig deeper into our pockets to receive high-quality general healthcare meds, pills for chronic conditions, and maintenance medications.

Our staff members are in the online pharmaceutical market for more than 15 years. The company has been through a lot of things. We’ve experienced fast-paced development followed by numerous pitfalls connected with irresponsible work of our affiliate companies and inexperienced staff members.

Nevertheless, we’ve managed to break through and develop a stably working community, including:

  • Responsible management;

  • Prompt logistics center;

  • Properly arranged warehouses;

  • Experienced medical pros and pharmacists;

  • Reputable and influential entrepreneurs, providing us with more opportunities for technical and economic development.

Indian Pharmacy Development

Since 2003 medivillastore Pharma has managed to develop and turn itself into a robust company able to compete with the monsters already present on the pharmaceutical market. We didn’t have to spend a lot of time and money on advertising and promotion. Most of our customers already knew about our cost-effective products and spread the news around social media. At present days, we’ve managed to take over the world of drug sales.

We try hard to adapt to the changing governmental policies and worldwide pharmaceutical and medical standards because it’s a high honor for us to be a part of the global pharma market.

medivillastore: Benefits & Gains

Fortunately, the modern world does not deprive us of the possibility of choosing whatever medications we want. Science combined with advanced technologies and proper laboratory equipment finally gives us a chance to treat severe conditions and maintain health even if a patient suffers from an incurable disease.

Unfortunately, in most cases, regular American and European citizens don’t find it possible to purchase the drugs they need because not all of them are included in the health insurance list. It’s the same with maintenance medications the patients have to take long-term after surgery or chemotherapy. The manufacturers of brand medications deprive small, but promising pharmaceutical companies of a possibility for a fair competition.

Luckily, Indian pharmacy is here to help you out with:

  • Bulk orders and low prices on the most popular generic versions of the renowned medications;

  • Consultations and professional help in emergency cases;

  • Email notifications about the price reductions and special seasonal offers;

  • Convenient and fast delivery.

Our central office, as well as many separate warehouses, are situated in Chandigarh, India. Biosync Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd belongs to the list of the TOP rated PCD companies accepted all over the globe.

Our Aim

As a PCD Pharma Company dealing with a franchise business, we are interested in the potential development of our influence on the pharmaceutical market. We are going to search for more beneficial and effective healthcare solutions through renovations and analyses of the successes of the existing brand companies. We stick to modern standards off business development and industry.

Our Plan

  • Improve and maintain the health of each of our new and regular customers, which will add up to our positive reputation and promote the Indian pharmacy business all over the world;

  • Develop in matters of delivery and logistics, which will finally give us a chance not to depend on the delays of the customs and unpredictable situations caused by holiday seasons;

  • Prove our trustworthiness to anyone who might be interested in the legality of our activity — we want to have closer contact with our clients and make our business even more transparent.

Our Principles

  • Our manufacturing facilities and laboratories are clean, safe and entirely hygienic;

  • Our machinery works on the base of the latest computerized systems controlled by the experienced IT specialists and medics.

Our packaging system is one of the most convenient in the world with a sufficient amount of labels and instructions — your bulk order will be thoroughly arranged so that you don’t confuse anything.

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