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Fluka 150 mg (Fluconazole) is a powerful antifungal medication used to treat a variety of fungal infections such as thrush, yeast infections, and ringworm. This medication works by stopping the growth of the fungi causing the infection, allowing the body to fight off the infection naturally. Each capsule contains 150 mg of Fluconazole, ensuring a potent and effective treatment. Fluka 150 mg is available in a convenient capsule form, making it easy to swallow and incorporate into your daily routine. With proper use as directed by a healthcare professional, Fluka 150 mg (Fluconazole) can provide relief from uncomfortable and persistent fungal infections.

Fluka (Fluconazole)150 mg

  • Treatment of Fungal infections


    In Treatment of Fungal infections

    Fluka 150 Tablet is an antifungal medicine. It works by killing and stopping the growth of fungi that causes the infection. It helps treat infections of the mouth, throat, vagina, and other parts of the body.

    The dose and duration of treatment will depend on what you are being treated for. Make sure you complete the full course of treatment. This will ensure that the infection is completely cured and prevent it from returning.

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