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Nevanac Eye Drops are a prescription medication designed to alleviate pain and inflammation in the eyes. The active ingredient, nepafenac, belongs to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) class and helps manage discomfort caused by cataract surgery.

Uses of Nevanac Eye Drops: Nevanac Eye Drops are primarily used to reduce pain and inflammation following cataract surgery. By inhibiting the production of certain substances in the body, these drops contribute to a more comfortable recovery process.

How to Use Nevanac Eye Drops:

Wash Hands: Begin by washing your hands thoroughly.

Tilt Head Back: Tilt your head back and look upward.

Create a Pocket: Gently pull down the lower eyelid to create a small pocket.

Instill Drops: Hold the dropper directly over the eye and instill the prescribed number of drops into the lower conjunctival sac, avoiding contact with the eye surface.

Close Eyes: Close your eyes gently and apply gentle pressure to the inner corner of the eye for a few minutes to prevent the medication from draining into the tear duct.

Dosage: Follow the dosage instructions provided by your healthcare provider. Typically, Nevanac Eye Drops are applied as directed after cataract surgery.

Common Side Effects: Common side effects may include temporary stinging or burning upon application. Inform your healthcare provider if these effects persist or worsen.


Allergies: Notify your doctor of any known allergies to medications, especially NSAIDs.

Contact Lenses: Remove contact lenses before using Nevanac Eye Drops and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting them.

Medical History: Provide information about your medical history, especially if you have a history of eye conditions or allergies.

Benefits of Nevanac Eye Drops:

Anti-Inflammatory Action: Nepafenac, the active ingredient, possesses anti-inflammatory properties, reducing postoperative inflammation and pain.

Improved Comfort: Nevanac Eye Drops contribute to a more comfortable recovery period following cataract surgery.

Loads of Available Brands: Nevanac Eye Drops may be available under different brand names. Choose a reputable and trusted brand for quality eye care.

Buy Online: Nevanac Eye Drops may be available for purchase online from authorized retailers. Ensure to check for authenticity and quality when making online purchases.

Nevanac Eye Drop

  • Q.1.) How long should Nevanac Eye Drops be used after cataract surgery? A: Follow the prescribed duration provided by your healthcare provider. Typically, Nevanac Eye Drops are used for a specified period post-surgery.

    Q.2.) Can Nevanac Eye Drops be used for conditions other than post-cataract surgery inflammation? A: Nevanac Eye Drops are specifically formulated for post-cataract surgery use. Consult your healthcare provider for appropriate medications for other eye conditions.

    Q.3.) Is it safe to use Nevanac Eye Drops during pregnancy? A: Consult with your healthcare provider before using Nevanac Eye Drops during pregnancy. The potential benefits and risks should be assessed based on your individual health condition.

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